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"Nili's website design elevates our presence in the industry. She knows exactly how to appeal to our audience, in both aesthetics and practicalities. She's a joy to work with! Utterly professional, in close communication every step of the way, and fun! Reasonably priced, too. One of the best decisions we've made for our business."  

-Ray Bokhour, Fat Goose Productions


"Aside from her skills in visual layout, Nili has a way of seeing others in a way that helps their authentic voice shine through - something that was incredibly important for me as a mental health provider, as opposed to having someone merely market my brand. She also was never shy to offer a new perspective and refreshing spin on how to frame my words and image, asking for permission continually throughout the way. 


Nili served as a source of constancy throughout the process from beginning to end. I had a number of expected and unexpected delays that precluded me from launching when I wanted, and at no point did I ever feel rushed. I am BEYOND appreciative of the work that she provides, and I know that as I continue to grow in my line of work she will be available to assist in making the changes on my site to reflect this inherent evolution."

- Janine Leigh Ilsley, LCSW, RYT


“Look no further! Nili is one stop shopping for all of your website needs. Incredibly knowledgable and inventingly creative, she really can do anything. Your website will not only be functional and beautiful, but easy to navigate and regularly updated. Further, she will always get right back to you and accommodate all of your needs and suggestions with warmth and humor. Truly a savior for someone who may not be completely tech-savvy.”

- Phil Geoffrey Bond, President/CEO at Above Deck Entertainment and Creator of Sondheim Unplugged


"Nili was unbelievable in helping to set up my website! She was extremely professional, accommodating, patient and creative. I had complete trust in her recommendations and could not be more pleased with the end result. I am also extremely happy and impressed with the support I have received even after my website was completed! I highly recommend Nili. She is an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Vicky Dussich, singer


"Nili’s hands on approach and professionalism was really appreciated in this fast paced quick turn around business. I found the work was exactly what I wanted and had expressed each and every time. Who could ask for anything more?"

- James T. Lane, Broadway and Television star


"Nili is such an awesome collaborator. She made the process so enjoyable that I was sad when we had to publish! She's a joy to work with and brings a point of view and an openness that you'll love! Nili does everything with full commitment and enthusiasm. She will be your number one cheerleader and elevate your online presence with authentic choices. I am on the daily thankful for her time and talent and humanity."

- Matthew Vitticore, actor/writer

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