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What Does a Website Cost?

There are four elements to consider when calculating the cost

of building and maintaining your website:

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1. Domain: (not me.) Your domain is the URL (or address) of your site, for example Most domains can be purchased for the price of about $15-$25 annually. So... not an enormous cost to you. You will purchase your domain separate from the work we do together, but I am more than happy to walk you through the process and assist!

2. Hosting: (again, not me.) A web hosting service is the company that publishes your site and allows it to be viewed online. No matter who creates your site, you will need to pay for hosting. Hosting fees for most personal/small business websites will range from a $10-$50/month depending on the complexity of your site. I will get you the most affordable price for your website and set up autorenewal for you so you never miss a payment or lose your site.

3. Website Design and Build: This is the fun part and where I come in, should you choose to work together!

~ A new personal or small business website design and build could cost anywhere from $500 to $5000. (Esitmate Calculator)

~ Variables such as number of pages, e-commerce, amount of content provided vs created, etc. affect rates.

~ As a newer independent designer, I am able to offer you a competitive rate and work with your budget.

~ I also offer payment plans when needed.

~ For an estimate, please contact me with some information about your project needs. Thank you!

4. Website maintenance and updates: If you prefer to have me do updates on your site, I am happy to do so at an hourly rate or monthly subscription, depending on your needs. If you would like to take over the reigns and do your own updates, then I can turn access over to you, and once your site is published, you will need only maintain your hosting and domain charges!

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