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Our Process

Here is an idea of what it will look like to work together:

First We Chat: We will start with a 20-30 minute or so conversation so I can get a feel for your needs and preferences, as well as what you envision aesthetically. This also gives me insight into who you are so that I can best represent you or your company online.

Next, Logistics: Next, I will send you a short list of logistical questions referencing content etc so that we make sure we include all pertinent information on your site. This can often be achieved via email and file sharing, but if your site requires more complexity, I am happy to meet in person.

Then, Create: I will combine everything above and build your site! I will check in with you periodically and make sure we are moving in the right direction. During this time, I am also available to you for any questions and ideas that may pop up. When a preview is ready, I will share it with you for feedback.

Meanwhile, your Job: If you have not already done so, at this point you will need to purchase your domain (ie and give me access to it so I can attach it to your new site when the time comes. I can walk you through this if you need assistance. I will also help you purchase a hosting plan so we can launch as soon as we are ready.

Collaborate, Refine, PUBLISH: Based on your feedback, we can make any modifications necessary. My rates include up to two overall revisions as well as any other necessary last minute tweaking. When we are happy with what we have, we publish, share your website with the world and celebrate! My rates also include basic SEO and Google set-up. Once we launch, you may take over control of the site if you wish to do your own edits. Or if you prefer, I am happy to maintain and edit for you, as needed.

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